Do you associate aging with...
Slowing down?
Feeling tired?
Lost dreams?
Feeling weak?
Loss of zest?
Lost independence?
Less confidence?
Loss of freedom???

What if you could break free from the perceived chains of aging?

What if aging meant more freedom, more vitality, more confidence and more health? 

Aging doesn't have to be a slow demise of your body and the decay of your dreams!

With the revelations in nutrition, mindset, and inner work,
my clients and I have experienced the miracle of Aging Backwards! 

What is Aging Backwards?

Feeling younger today than you did years ago.
Regaining energy you once had (but lost).
Building a healthy body from the inside out.
- Cultivating an exuberant relationship with yourself. 

- Having a clearer mind for better decisions
- Having an open heart for more loving relationships.

You know you want something different but there's this horrifying thought, "maybe THIS is as good as it gets?! Maybe it will always be this way - or worse!"

Listen, I totally get it. I’ve been there.

And I can say from experience that there's not only hope…there is a lasting solution. 

If you've struggled with finding your vitality, I'm not surprised. Piecing together bits of information about nutrition, exercise, supplements, diets, and other health-related topics is frustrating, time-consuming - and frankly, dangerous.

It's no wonder why the weight stays on, the energy lags, and the confusion continues! 

It's not your fault.

There's way too much misleading, inaccurate, and conflicting information out there. It's too hard to figure out on your own. 

I found that MISSING LINK to becoming more vibrant and youthful. I know what it takes to be better with every passing year, to keep your edge, stay sexy and live full out! I’m going to give you the Aging Backward secrets that no one else will…because they haven’t experienced what you and I have gone through.

Imagine This...
Imagine being in a STRONG, capable body, so you don't have to keep missing out on fun things.
  Imagine feeling confident and desirable so you can walk into any room KNOWING you're HOT STUFF
 Imagine what you would feel and look like 10-60 pounds lighter.
 Imagine how proud you'll feel for finally sticking to a plan and trusting yourself to follow through.
  Imagine running into someone you haven’t seen in a while who says, "WOW! You look amazing!!"
 Imagine waking up feeling refreshed with plenty of energy!
 Imagine living FULL OUT and never feel like you're missing out! 

  Imagine feeling sexy again…no matter your age!

January, 2016 (SOLD OUT).
Reserve for April now!

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With the Age Backward Formula, at the end of 6 months you'll be in a body you enjoy, radiate confidence and be living life on YOUR terms!!!*

The Age Backward Program is a full 6 months of expert advice and support that your previous attempts at making changes has been lacking.

The Formula*:

- The exact strategy that has my private clients losing up to 8 pounds in the first week, then 10-20+ pounds each month.*
- Create habits for long-term health, energy, and continued weight loss or weight maintenance.
- Ways to restore your Body Connection. 
- Strategies to restore your Energy and Adrenals.

- The Mindset Mastery Plan to help you stick with your goals.
- Inside-Out Success with Mindset Coaching.
- Understand your Triggers.
- Self-sabotage Redemption.

- Authentic self confidence.
- Tapping into the Abundance Mindset.
- Support and accountability to keep going for your dreams.

*using the S.M.A.R.T. formula

What You'll Get:
 Access to the online training forum!
 6 Monthly Modules with materials included 
 6 live training calls and recordings
  Bonus materials
 Support from a mentor with a proven success record and like-minded community
  Smaller coaching groups 
  Tools and resources: videos, worksheets, and supplemental items
 Plus, extras along the way!

Grab These Bonuses Now!
Bonus #1: Immediate access to 7 Simple Steps to Wellness Training module! ($57 value)
Bonus #2: Immediate access to Marcie's How to Age Backward E-Book (sells for $27)
Bonus #3: Transform Your Health Summit Platinum Package (sells for $247)
PLUS: 'Fast Action' private VIP Session with Marcie for the first 20 to join ($459 value)

Ask Yourself: What is it costing you to not be reaching your potential?  

Most people who find me have spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, on their health. I myself have spent over $300,000 out of pocket, trying pretty much everything. And then there's the emotional cost. What is it costing you to not be having the experience of life you really want?

My VIP clients pay up to $1,200 every month to work with me. This is a SUPER affordable way to get to work with me and get the results you've been craving! 

Value: $4,570 ($761 per month)

Program Investment: $297 per month

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Modules by Month:
 Month 1: Kitchen Cornerstone
- Module 1
- Live Presentation
- Live Group "Nutrition Coaching"
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
- Myth Debunking
- 10-Day Reset Plan (choose your level) - lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days!
- Food Success Plan (choose your level) - lose up to 15 pounds each month!
- Bonus Audio: Making Successful Changes

So You Can:
-Have more energy!
-Eliminate nutrition confusion
-Improved sleep and cognitive function
-Lose up to 10 pounds in the 10-Day Reset!
-Lose up to 60 pounds (or more) during the program!

 Month 2: Quality of Life Begins Within!
- Module 2
- Live Presentation
- Live Group "Mindset Coaching"
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
- Mindset Mastery Plan
- Interactive Journal
- Bonus Audio Meditation
- Bonus Worksheet

So You Can:

-Create more inner peace
-Increase your happiness!
-Live with less stress
-Feel supported by like-minded people
-Find freedom!

 Month 3: Give Your Body A Voice!
- Module 3
- Live Presentation
- Live Group "Body Coaching"
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
- Body Image
- Move-Groove Plan (choose your level)
- Bonus Audio Meditation

So You Can:
-Reconnect with your body!
-Feel the joy of movement
-Fine tune your fitness, physical strength, and tighten up
-Appreciate your body
-Cultivate confidence!

 Month 4: Beneath the Layers!
- Module 4
- Live Presentation
- Live Group "Layers Coaching"
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
- Self-Sabotage Solutions
- Understanding Your Triggers
- Bonus Audio

So You Can:
-Break free from what's really holding you back
-Build your Better Strategies Playbook
-Be a magnet for new and amazing opportunities!

 Month 5: Tapping into Your Hidden Potential!
- Module 5
- Live Presentation
- Live Group "Potential Coaching"
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
-Life Purpose Visualization
Bonus: How to Improve Sex Drive and Energy

So You Can:
-Move toward your purpose
-Get stronger in your unique gifts
-Enjoy your work more
-Know that you are not alone
-Have more bliss!

 Month 6: Solidify and Plan!
- Module 6
- Live Presentation
- Live Group Coaching/Wrap Up Session
- Session Recording (audio, video, slides)
- Futurecasting Exercise
- Moving Forward Plan

So You Can:
-Integrate what you've learned
-Have a plan
-Save time and frustration
-Feel confident in your future!
-Continue to be supported

What People are Saying...

"I am at my slimmest and love my body"

Because of your help I am at my slimmest and I have really started to love my body. Even in a bikini! Without your coaching and support, I would have given up.

Heather, California

"Better after 18 years of chronic illness"

My health is so much better! I realized today that my 'bad' days are now what my good days used to look like. I tried many things to recover my health but saw the greatest change from working with Marcie...the extent to how much happier I have become in general – with life, with myself.

And, I lost 18 pounds along the way! 

Anghared , London

So much healthier!" 

Your program is delightful! Thank you so much for being a positive force during this time of change. 

Lara P, Minnesota

"Weight Loss and More!"

I've lost over 30 pounds so far! Marcie taught me how to change my relationship with food and with myself so I could make changes and keep moving forward. I will never go back to where I was: overweight, stuck, depressed, and unhappy with my body and life. 

Worth every dollar! 

Di, Florida

"Great program, was not a sacrifice!"

I've lost 15 pounds, 2 inches on my waist, more energy, feel a lot better. Great program! I didn't feel like I had to sacrifice anything and was able to stick with it. It's been almost a year now, and the results are still there - it's a long-lasting chance.

Anyone looking to get healthier, I highly recommend Marcie.

Marcie is a great coach!

Page, California

"I tried many routes...yours fit me best!"

I am in healthcare myself, knowledgable about all aspects of health. Yet, nothing was working. I was really STUCK and didn't think anything could be done. 

This is, by far, the most functional and comprehensive life change program I have ever been a part of (and I've tried others). I was apprehensive at first, wondering how this program would differ. And let me tell you, it does! I ddidn't think it would work but if you stick to what Marcie tells you and open your mind for change, you will get there! 

In 3 months I have changed my attitude and lost 23 pounds and feel fantastic! My husband's health has even improved (his triglycerides dropped). 

Now, I am confident! I hope all who needs you, is lead to you.

-Dr Lisa, FL

The Age Backward Formula


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* Results vary according to how closely the program is followed.
I'm confident that you will be thrilled with my Age Backward Formula - I have seen absolutely incredible results! If you follow the steps and do the work, you will have a life-transforming experience.
To back that up, take 60 days to follow the program. if you are not happy, we can discuss removing you from the program with no further financial obligation.



The program is valued at $4,570 ($761 per month) but the investment is just $297 per month. This is a super affordable way to get to work with me and see the results you are craving (my VIP clients invest $1,200+ per month to work privately with me).

Monthly payments will be automatically deducted each month. If you wish to pay in full/advance for the 6 months, email me about a discount for prepaying.


This program is for women and men who are open to making changes (incremental or more) to Age Backward. You'll be able to choose the level that works best for you and your life.

You must have access to email, an internet-enabled computer or mobile device in order to participate.


You'll get monthly Modules plus another Bonus Q&A Module that includes coursework, downloads, and if you are among the first to sign up, a live session with Marcie.

See above for module outline.

The Reset is 'choose-your-own-adventure' style based on what works best for your lifestyle. Then we'll move into a 30-Day Food Success Plan while integrating other aspects of health and happiness. 

You'll get lessons via email (and in the private Facebook group). You need internet and email access. You do not need to have a Facebook account to participate. 


You don't need to do anything before downloading the first module. You'll get clear instructions on what to do and how to participate. 


Studies show that people to try to make changes alone (especially weight loss) rarely succeed and 95% who lose weight regain it. That is because you are missing a solid strategy combined with the support and accountabiliy of a mentor and group (doing it together, like an exercise class that inspires you to reach new levels). After this program you'll also have an opportunity to continue working with Marcie, to continue your transformation! 


I offer a satisfaction guarantee. I want you to find value in this program. If you are fully immersed in the course (participate, engage and follow the plan) and do not find value after 60 days of following the simple plan I will lay out, we can discuss removing you from the program with no further financial obligation.
Bottom line: I want you to be happy!

Email me directly at (I respond to all emails!)